We all know how important it is to take good care of your skin. And while your bathroom might be filled with various beauty products – masks, scrubs, creams, you still should not be skipping a professional skin care appointment.

The benefits of having regular facials are endless, and below we are listing just some of them:

  • Facials can clear your pores the way you can not do at home.
  • By getting regular facials, you promote cell turnover and maintain healthy skin balance.
  • Facials have anti-ageing benefits – your skin can receive vitamin C, plant extracts, and other age-defying antioxidants through chemical or herbal peels and brightening masks.
  • Facials can help your skin deal with the everyday stress and help regain balance.

Facials in Canary Wharf – Oki-Doki

You can find some of the best facials in Canary Wharf at our Oki-Doki salon! Book an express (30 min) facial for a quick refresh of your skin or a deep cleanse (50 min) facial for even more visible results. We will make sure you leave the salon happy with your new, fresh looking skin.

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