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Gelcolor is a treatment designed to give healthy natural nails extended colour.

Before Treatment

  • Weak, damaged nails with not gain the same results, we would advise nail trengthener & Cuticle Oil should be used for 2 weeks prior to application.
  • Cuticle Oil should be used by all clients before & after treatment to keep the natural nail healthy and strong.
  • Expect the product to last upto two weeks. Many will say it lasts two weeks, many will say the product has lasted longer.

After Treatment

  • Do not go swimming for 24 hours or have a long soak in the bath
  • Do not use harsh chemicals when cleaning
  • Do not pick or peel the gel off as this damages natural nails
  • Wear protective gloves when gardening, or doing housework
  • Avoid harsh and drying soaps
  • Drink plenty of water and eat well
  • Continue to use Cuticle Oil after treatment

Aftercare Products

  • Lanolin & petrolium oil based products affect the wearability of Gelcolor/CND Shellac
  • Moisture Replenshing Lotion
  • High Intensity Hand Cream
  • Cuticle Oil is essential to look after the natural nail, this will keep the natural nail healthy and nourished ready for the next application.

Removal of GelColor At home

  • We would advise clients that GelColor/CND Shellac should not use pure acetone as this dehydrates and strips the nail plate of moisture which over time will cause the natural nail to become weak and brittle. Expert touch by OPI contains moisturis-ers and aloe so much kinder when removing Gelcolor
  • Do not pull GelColor off as this takes off layers of the natural nail causing them to become weak and damaged
  • Once removed advise customers to continue using Cuticle Oil. Customers not re-applying gel if their nails are thin/weak/flake/brittle, clients should use Nail Strengthener to keep their nails strong and healthy.


  • Avoid tight fitting footwear, wear open toe shoes if warm sunny
  • Regularly treat hard skin on a gradual basis
  • Change socks and tights daily
  • Apply moisturising lotion daily after bath
  • Apply talc or special foot powder between the toes to help absorb moisture
  • Foot sprays containing peppermint or circus oil are useful to refresh the feet during the day


Waxing After Care

Before Waxing

  • First wax may take a little longer than subsequent waxes
  • Your hair should be the ideal length for waxing to work and to minimise any discomfort, leave it to grow 3 weeks before your wax appointment with us
  • Exfoliating is recommended 3 times a week especially before waxing treatment
  • Do not moisturise on the day of your appointment
  • Let your wax technician know if you are taking any medication that can affect your waxing results, such as blood thinners, Retin-A or Accutane (or similar products)
  • Wear loose fitting clothes
  • Take a warm shower before waxing
  • This will help to open the pore for easy hair removal; you will be given wipes to freshen up with anyway
  • You can be waxed during your period, although you may be a little more sensitive and a waxing could be more painful
  • Relax during your waxing service, because tense muscles make the area more sensitive. The results normally keep getting better at least until your 4th wax.

After Waxing (24 to 48 hours)

  • Avoid all heat treatments including sunbathing, sun beds, steam baths and saunas
  • Avoid swimming in public pools as chlorine may irritate the area that has been waxed
  • Do not apply perfumed soap, body lotion, talcum powder or deodorant to the treated areas
  • Use only lukewarm water for a bath or shower
  • Do not apply make-up to any treated area
  • Try to avoid touching skin that has been waxed
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes
  • After waxing use any lotion in the first 24 hours
  • Start to exfoliate and moisturise your skin 48 hours after you had the treatment done to prevent ingrowing hairs
  • Use antiseptic cream on facial areas until redness subsides.
37th Floor 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf
London E14 5AA