11 Pitfold Road, Lee/Blackheath London, SE12 9JB



You will be offered a Personal Hygiene Package which is optional and shall include your own personal : Nail Files, toe separators and Buffer, at a small cost to take home with you or free to leave with me for next appointment. You can also bring your own personal equipment which you can take home.


Pedicures will have each individual client assigned their own pedicure Pumice which will be disposed of after each service. We do NOT reuse these stones because they cross contaminate if they are used more than once. Please check your salon about pumice and if they use more than once, you should ask for a new pumice. Do Not Risk Infections.


Yes, its expensive in the long run for a business but when you are dealing with Client Hygiene, there is NO negotiation.


We also use the Prestige Visage Medical system which sterilises all tools to 134 degrees Celsius to ensure a high level of hygiene.
11 Pitfold Road, Lee/Blackheath
London, SE12 9JB